Lindsay Kroes - 5 star

Gymnastics Fitness offers rigorous, fun fitness programs for individuals seeking to improve their strength and flexibility, while trying something new. George is an excellent instructor. He brings an incredible depth of knowledge about the sport of gymnastics, as well as plenty of encouragement and a sense of humor to each class. His classes are well-organized and structured so that you can build your skills systematically and see progress every week. I never thought I would take up gymnastics in my 20s, but it really is tons of fun and a great workout. March 28, 2016

Jared Windover reviewed Gymnastics Fitness โ€” 5 star

George is a knowledgeable and passionate gymnastics coach. I had never done gymnastics before coming to Gymnastics Fitness, and after only 2 months I've seen huge strength and flexibility gains. George helps you develop a base of skills to keep you safe on all of the apparatuses, while pushing you to keep learning and growing. Every class is tailored to the individual skill levels present, and nobody is ever left out. 10/10 would recommend. March 28

Ian Hopkin reviewed Gymnastics Fitness โ€” 5 star. January 18 ยท

This place is such a great workout. George cares so much about the students, and is always so accommodating with scheduling. I had never done gymnastics before, and within a couple of months I moved from just using the gymnastics equipment for strength training, to doing actual gymnastics exercises. It's a great workout, that you'll have fun doing.

Roman Kobets - 5 star

I didn't do much physical activity before I came to gymnastics fitness but once I started coming I couldn't stop. Even though I only started around 2 months ago, I have begun to see immense improvement in my physical abilities. For example, I wasn't able to do a single chin up before I came, but with Georges help and support I'm now able to complete nearly 2 in a row. Gymnastics fitness works on flexibility, strength, balance, and agility all in unison. It's hard, but it's worth it. January 21, 2016

Deanna Koller reviewed Gymnastics Fitness โ€” 5 star

George is great! This is fitness for those who liked to climb trees and monkey bars as a kid. I am always discovering a new set of muscles I forgot I had. After a few weeks here, he is introducing me to new skills and I am getting stronger. Thanks George. February 1