Vision and Mission Statement

Gymnastics Fitnes seeks to be the vanguard of implementing gymnastics exercises into the life of the people from very early ages to the late age’s seniors. ┬áThis club has developed programs and services which are market-driven by the needs of its participants. The club will nurture the full potential of all its members and promote gymnastics as a life long activity. Gymnastics is a refined sport and is the ultimate human movement experience. Gymnastics is the foundation of all sports. It demands a full range of physical and mental attributes and a combination of technical precision, artistry and creativity. Gymnastics is for fun, for recreation, for competition, for education, for excellence and for personal improvement. Gymnastics is for life.

Gymnastics Fitness objectives are to promote and provide positive and diverse gymnastics experiences through the delivery of comprehensive quality programs. Our programs will be fitted for every skill level and for every goal, from purely recreational up to high performance competitive gymnastics.