Graceful Women

By nature, the woman’s body shape and structure is different from that of the man.¬† Women tend to have more fluid movements, and greater flexibility and agility when compared to their male counterparts. Women in gymnastics develop incredible strength and power, which, when combined with their natural grace, allows them to master gymnastics movements on the floor and on a variety of equipment.
Gymnastics Fitness strives to transform the woman into an athlete who demonstrates the grace and elegance of a ballerina, and the flexibility, agility and power of a gymnast.
The primary basic body development program requires a six week commitment, while training two to three (or more) times a week. In this stage, the training sessions allow gymnasts to develop an athletic base of flexibility and power, and enhance your body’s recovery time.
First Stage:  Basic Body Development
Second Stage: Advanced Development. Gymnasts execute more complex gymnastics and ballet exercises.