Golden Ages Gymnastics Fitness

For seniors, an active lifestyle is important to maintain good health; it reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
A sedentary lifestyle has an unhealthy impact on one’s body both inside and out. Development of vascular diseases, increase in visceral fat, exhaustion, stiffening joints and weakening muscles, slowing movements, and increasing inflexibility are all a result of a sedentary lifestyle.
While the fitness industry developed a variety of exercises and exercise theory uniquely for seniors, as some people used to say; “The theory is the theory, but the practice – that is killing you”.
Gymnastics Fitness programs for seniors are carefully created with gymnastics exercises and ballet movements, and is meant to activate and develop all the muscles in the body. It allows one to better handle the weight of your body, increase the mobility of joints and tendons, all while developing physical resilience in any activity.
There are two programs for seniors:
- Beginner
- Advanced
Those in the Golden Ages Gymnastics Fitness program can attend one, two, three or more times per week.
While a once a week commitment is adequate, for a faster physical transformation, Golden Age gymnasts’ are encouraged to train at least two three times per week.