Athletic Man

By nature, the man has a more robust skeletal construction and stronger muscles than the woman. Yet men are traditionally less flexible, expressing more force and straight action through sharp and rigid movements. 
At Gymnastics Fitness, our program can transform the man’s body to be more flexible, agile, and powerful, allowing the man to handle their body with strength and grace. Training will also result in bettering a man’s posture both in and out of the gym.
The primary basic body development program requires a six week commitment, while training two to three (or more) times a week.
In this stage, the training sessions will develop an athletic base of flexibility and power, and enhance your body’s recovery time.
After six week, your body will have the physical foundation required to move through the next stages:
- Second stage: Advanced body development
- Third stage: High grade Gymnastics Fitness performer
While a once a week commitment is adequate, for a faster physical transformation, gymnasts’ are encouraged to train at least two three times per week.